Vulcanized dies are made with hard sheet photopolymer, pressed under heat and pressure into a matrix. This matrix is the mold for gum rubber and vulcanized to make the rubber stamp die.


The gold colored plate is the hard sheet photopolymer. The green piece is the matrix. The red piece is the cured stamp gum.

The video shows how this process differs from liquid photopolymer.


A stamp die mounted on a block of wood is shown with a homemade alignment base for a very low cost and simple way to produce your own wooden nickel and dollar tokens.

Another demonstration is imprinting paper bags with a letterpress printing plate made with liquid photopolymer.


These are the projects featured on the video and the steps to complete them. Shown are a self-inking stamp, vulcanized rubber stamp, wooden token imprinter and letterpress printing plate. The materials to make a light source can be found at building centers, hardware and craft stores. The video lists materials and where to get them, how to assemble the light and timer plus a list of suppliers for the stamp trade.


A simple exposure unit can be made for less than hundred dollars with a 2 bulb strip light, black light bulbs and glass plates with magnetic strips. The easiest way to make a negative is directly with a laser printer. Ink-jets do not have enough density, however, a transparency made in a copier of an ink-jet print is an option. The supplies needed for stamp die besides the stamp resin, base sheets and dam, are transparency film, nail brush (to scrub out the liquid uncured resin) and liquid soap. There are no hazardous materials. The resin is water soluble and all materials can be handled in room light. The photopolymer is sensitive to ultraviolet light so it needs to be kept from sunlight.


How to Make Rubber Stamps DVD
Postpaid Priority Mail   . . . . . . . . . . .  $39.00                     


The DVD video shows how to assemble the exposure unit and glass and details the procedures for making the negative on your computer, exposing the stamp resin, washout and post exposure, vulcanizing, mounting and imprinting.

Also on the DVD is a list of materials and where to get them plus a list of suppliers for the stamp trade. Postpaid.

VHS video is also available. Just ask  and we'll send a video instead of DVD.

DVD or VHS Video

Starter Kit & DVD Postpaid . . . . . . . $85

Included with the video, this starter kit has three 3 ounce bottles of stamp resin, ten 4" x 5" base sheets and a roll of dam.


Starter Kit, Postpaid . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49

This kit contains three 3 ounce bottles of stamp resin, ten  4" x 5" substrate (base sheets) and a roll of dam. There are no instructions with this kit.


Carton-Polly-Stamp Resin
Postpaid, Priority Mail . . . . . . . . . .  $119

Includes 15 three ounces bottles resin, 15   5"x10"  base sheets and a roll of dam.



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